Specialty Shakes, Floats & Sundaes!

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Premium Flavors

Hershey’s® Premium Ice Cream is some of the
best ice cream you will ever taste! We use only
the best and freshest ingredients!


Premium creamy vanilla ice cream. (Gluten free)


Rich chocolate premium ice cream. (Gluten free)


Premium strawberry ice cream with chunks of strawberries.         (Gluten free)

Moose Tracks

Famous Moose Tracks® fudge and peanut buttercups swirled through premium vanilla ice cream. (Gluten free)

Banana Pudding

Premium banana ice cream with marshmallow swirls and vanilla wafer cookies.

Birthday Batter

The ultimate cake batter ice cream that's
exploding with sprinkles!

Heavenly Hazelnut

Rich dark chocolate ice cream paired with hazelnut fudge and crunchy chocolate cookies.

Butter Pecan

Buttery premium ice cream with fresh roasted pecans.  (Gluten free)

Praline Pecan

Premium butter ice cream swirled with caramel and praline pecans.  (Gluten free)

Coconut Chocolate Almond

Premium coconut ice cream with chocolate chips
and roasted almonds.  (Gluten free)

Cotton Candy

Pink and blue colored premium ice cream with a cotton candy flavor.  (Gluten free)

German Chocolate Cake

Premium chocolate ice cream with coconut walnuts
and chocolate cake pieces swirled with caramel.

Green Mint Chip

Cool green mint premium ice cream with chocolate chips.  (Gluten free)

Mint Moose Tracks

Premium cool mint ice cream loaded with mint cups and famous Moose Tracks® fudge.  (Gluten free)

Peanut Butter Cup

Premium chocolate ice cream swirled with peanut butter.  (Gluten free)

Road Runner Raspberry

Premium white chocolate ice cream with raspberry
swirls and raspberry filled chocolate cups.  (Gluten free)

Rocky Road

Loads of fresh roasted pecans and mini marshmallows blended with a rich premium chocolate ice cream.  (Gluten free)

Salty Caramel Truffle

Sweet & Salty caramel sauce is swirled into creamy caramel ice cream & packed with tasty chocolate caramel truffles! (Gluten free)

Strawberry Cheesecake

Premium cheesecake ice cream swirled with
strawberry sauce and cheesecake pieces.


Premium three fruity flavors swirled together:
Strawberry, Banana, and Blue Moon.  (Gluten free)

White House Cherry

Premium vanilla ice cream with real Maraschino cherries. (Gluten free)

Cookies & Cream

Premium vanilla ice cream with cream filled cookie chunks.

Chocolate Chip

Premium vanilla ice cream loaded with rich chocolate chips.

Coffee House Cookies & Cream

Our delicious coffee ice cream loaded with cream filled chocolate cookie pieces.

Key Lime Pie

A rich lime mousse ice cream swirled with lime and whipped cream ribbons and graham cracker chunks.




Premium Gold Flavors

Hershey’s® Premium Gold Ice Cream is the very
best of the best that we make. A higher butterfat
content brings out even more of the creamy flavor
in every bite.

Better Brownie Batter

Luxurious brownie batter ice cream with rich, fudge swirls, and loaded with bits of real brownies.

Cappuccino Crunch

Coffee ice cream with a dark chocolate spiral and toffee pieces.  (Gluten free)

Caramel Cheesecake Cookie Monster

Cheesecake ice cream loaded with cookies and cream cheesecake chunks and chocolate cookie pieces, with a sweet caramel swirl.

Cookie Doughlicious

Delicious vanilla ice cream loaded with chocolate chip flakes and chunks of cookie dough.

Peanut Butter Caramel Cookie Dough

Rich peanut butter ice cream, swirled with peanut caramel sauce, and loaded with chunks of peanut butter cookie dough.

Oatmeal Cookie

Cinnamon ice cream swirled with caramel, complete with oatmeal cookie pieces and chocolate chips.


Looking for a light dessert treat when you are
on the go? Try Hershey’s® hand-dipped sherbet!
The sherbet flavor is bursting with real fruit

Rainbow Sherbet

Swirl of orange, lemon, and lime sherbet.

No Sugar Added/ Reduced Fat

When it comes to dietary concerns, Hershey’s® Ice
Cream has you covered.



Complementing our line of hand-dipped products is
Hershey’s® Frozen Yogurt. Smooth and creamy,
rich in taste, every bite is a delight.

Low Fat Blueberry Cheesecake

Cheesecake flavored frozen yogurt swirled with blueberry sauce

Italian Ice

Mango Italian Ice

Strawberry Banana Italian Ice